Fetch application list with offset & limit or filters if possible

I’m using the api {{tenant}}/cc/api/app/list/?filter=org to fetch the application list.

The query paramaters offset & limit don’t seem to be working with this api, it fetches the complete list.
Also the “filters” doesn’t work in the query parameter, for example -

fetches the complete list of applications.

As per the communication we received, Sailpoint will be updating all v1/v2 apis, enforcing maximum of 250 records over an api call response. We need to implement either offset-limit or filters to keep in line with this update.

Are there any other APIs in any of the v1/v2/v3/beta versions where we can implement offset,limit or filters?

I found one v2 api with offset & limit working :
But it returns only those applications which are enabled for users (requestable). I need those applications as well which are disabled for users.

Hi Abhishek,

I have confirmed with the engineering team that {{tenant}}/cc/api/app/list does not have pagination implemented, and therefore will not be impacted by the new pagination enforcement. You can continue to use this endpoint to fetch the entire list of applications.