Fail to create a Service Now ticket based upon a secondary action

We are seeing Role failure messages when a user is added to a role. It fails when trying to create a ServiceNow ticket based upon a secondary action (Source Type: Delimited File). The ServiceNow connector is healthy in IDN. Not sure why its happening as it was working fine. Could any have some suggestions will be highly appreciate?

Hi @rajrout2024,

Could you share the failure messages? It would help us narrow the scope of the issue.

Hello Karthik,
Here is error message:
sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Null Object XML returned from cloud for type [Application] with identifier[ECC (Secondary Action) [source]]"

The issue got resolved though as it was from Sailpoint side. There were some Engineering modification to backend.

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Hi Rajkishore,

Can you share how your issue was resolved? We’re dealing with the exact same issue on our tenant.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Matt,

We got a response from the SailPoint side stating: Engineering made a modification to a backend DB. The issue since has been reverted and the behavior resolved. Prior to that the process was running smooth tickets getting generated on serviceNow when an user added to the role but it got stopped working suddenly. Yesterday when we run a test it started working again.