Error while calling PluginHelper.retrieveSettings


I am calling a new method:
PluginHelper.retrieveSettings(retrieveSettingsError, retrieveSettingsSuccessful, options)
I think it is introduced in 8 or above. I am getting an error:

Uncaught TypeError: retrieveSettingsError is not a function

Can someone please tell me how to use this method.

It looks like it is expecting a function pointer for the first two parameters.

function success() {
function failed() {

PluginHelper.retrieveSettings(success, failed, options);

Thanks @kcwong , can you please let me know what option is and how to use it? because when I went to pluginHelper.xhtml, IIQ is referring to a Map pluginName and pluginId from options, and post that just refferring to pluginId and prior to installation we won’t be having pluginId.

So, basically please help me with, if we can use this method to read settings from manifest file rather than calling an API to get the settings.

I am still on 7.3 so I don’t know. I’m just telling you what your error message means.

According to this thread no known documentation exists for PluginHelper in 7.0:

If 8.x has better documentation, you should refer to that. Or try reading the JavaScript source code as suggested by the thread.

Unfortunately, this new method isn’t discussed on this thread, but anyways thanks for the help.

@ashishbhatia what version are you currently running?

Hello @michael.ellis , we are using 8.1.

Seems like this method is for internal use for IIQ and works on plugin settings forms