How to use settingsForm in Plugin

As mentioned in Admin guide of IIQ 8. we can use Sailpoint Forms using settingsForm key in manifest.
I am creating a multivalued drop down in the form, but how I can get the data from the form via custom API like we have getSettingMultiString, getSettingString, etc methods to read settings entry key in PluginContext.

I wish if Sailpoint provide more explanation and walkthrough on these topics


The class sailpoint.object.Plugin has a getSettingsForm() method which returns the Form object. You might be able to retrieve the field values that way

Thanks @PauloUrcid, I figured out how to use it.
We can have fields name in settingForm and settings as same and it will store the value upon saving the form, and in the plugin API we can use standard methods like getSettings("") or getMultiSettings("").