Error when running first time aggregation against Azure AD

I am integrating with Azure AD (ENTRA ID).
I am getting the error - Exception occurred in Iterate Objects. Error message - sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Exception occurred in processReadRequest. Error - Exception occurred while trying to receive data from Server. Number of retries exceeded.Insufficient privileges to complete the operation.

The test connection is successful and I have confirmed that the client and application has all the mentioned permissions on MS Graph API.

I have also been able to get all sources listed with “/v3/sources” end point and verified that “useMSGraphAPI”: true
Please let me know what may I be missing here.
Attached is the screenshot of the permissions.

Hi @ishasolke,

Can you take a look at the Azure AD connector documentation and add the missing permissions.

Looking at your screenshot, the User.Read.All seems to be missing. There may be more permissions missing as well.

@ishasolke check if in the schema you have some riskyuser attribute remove that and try once

Thank you all for the quick responses.
I deleted the configuration and re-did everything with all correct permissions and it worked.
Looks like I was missing the permissions as you mentioned.

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