Error after adding "WebServiceAfterOperationRule" to source

My source works till I add the WebServiceAfterOperationRule to the source and once I add the rule to the source, I get the error message “java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer”. Error keeps repeating even after I remove the rule from the source.

the content of the rule is only a log statement.

Please help!

Is this happening in sandbox or production also. Strange thing I noticed is I had WS source working in sandbox and prod both and sandbox one started failing with this error and prod is still doing fine.
Did not try much to troubleshoot it but both sb and prod ones are connecting to same end source with same config.

Hi @chirag_patel, I’m also facing the exact same issue. As of now, I have the WS source setup in sandbox environment only and I’m facing this error there.

Hi Chirag

At the moment we are still in the development phase. So only in -test instance.

@tilak_m seems like it’s across instances. My friend @yunus_ali is also facing the same issue. Kind of took forever to realise its not due to my code.


DId anyone find solution for the issue?

Did not try as it wasn’t critical for me. Next step would be check ccg logs with trace enabled and see what’s going wrong. Support case would be final answer here.

Was the internal API bug. Its fixed now