Validate Connector Rule Error with WebServiceAfterOperationRule rule type

Hello, I am trying to validate a WebServiceAfterOperationRule connector rule and I am receiving the error below. Follow attached the body.

Thanks a lot
BR, Andrea.

{“detailCode”:“400.1.0 Required data missing or empty”,“trackingId”:“ac19f3052f314a2baa020e4cc787bc3e”,“messages”:[{“locale”:“und”,“localeOrigin”:“REQUEST”,“text”:“Required field "sourceCode.version" was missing or empty.”},{“locale”:“en-US”,“localeOrigin”:“DEFAULT”,“text”:“Required field "sourceCode.version" was missing or empty.”}],“causes”:}

Hi @AndreaQueiroz50 ,

Have you tried running the PostMan request like this:

It seems to be working for me.

Hi Kartik,
I hadn’t tried this before. It worked as you suggested. Then I added other json tags such as rule type, input and output and the rule was validated.

Thank you very much for your help. :smiley: