Editing email templates

Hi all,
I would like to add a header with an aligned image and text to the default templates.
I am using some css properties for it such as the float property, it seems that the result is correct but when I save and return to the template, the html editor has removed that property.
I understand that it does not accept this type of css properties. I have also tried to do it with a table but it is not possible to create tables.
Somebody could help me?
Thanks so much.

@adelpino, you are able to use HTML tables in email templates. A warning will display in the UI letting you know you will no longer be able to the WYSIWYG editor if you do so. But you can still use the HTML editor.

This article has more details about email templates.

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I am having a problem with styling the content. It seems that the editor also doesn’t support CSS content alignment (flex, align-items, etc.). When doing tests those attributes are removed and so everything is forced vertically. Do you have any sample that I can refer or any suggestion to design email templates