Edit source config randomly errors

What problem are you observing?

When attempting to edit a source configuration we receive the following error:
"The server did not find a current representation for the target resource" and after less than a second we’re redirected back to the source page.

However, inspecting the source metadata via the VisualStudioCode extension we weren’t able to find any issues.

I remembered that sometimes the source page loaded with the old ID used by the CC end-points, so I inspected the problem using the Network panel of the DevTools to see if that would be the problem and I identified a call to /cc/api/user/get?_dc={id}

Given [quote=“Tyler Harman, post:1, topic:55494, username:Tyler_Harman”] the SailPoint UI is getting an Infrastructure overhaul to support the deprecation of non-public APIs [/quote], is it possible that a bug was introduced in our Prod environments after the maintenance window that happened last weekend?

What is the correct behavior?

The Edit Configuration for sources is available from the UI.

What product feature is this related to?

Identity Security Cloud > UI

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

Open any source previously working (as of last week) and edit configuration OR click on the “Edit” button from the source’s action menu.

Do you have any other information about your environment that may help?

This is happening for several team members located in different countries, with or without VPN, and regardless of the browser.

We also observed weird errors when opening user identities, but we haven’t yet chase down those errors as we were focused on completing a new source deploy.

Hi Elise. I am not able to reproduce this is in my tenant. This might be an issue with your specific tenant. Unless anyone else can reproduce this issue, this is going to have to be a support ticket. If you haven’t already, please open a support ticket as our support team has the ability to investigate your specific tenant for issues.

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Thanks Colin. Will do.

That said, it’s still weird to see references to those deprecatend end-points, don’t you think?

I was just coming to say the same thing as Colin.

When the issue is with the Production environment, it is best to create the Support Ticket first, so that the SailPoint Support team can start working on it faster. Once that ticket is created, it is good to follow up here with a topic to help determine if other have seen or run into this issue.

That is strange, but support would be able to get to the bottom of it. If the UI refresh introduced a deprecated endpoint, then they should be able to identify and remediate it.

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I am seeing the same issue. It is consistent only on the prod tenant

Hi Sudhalahari, yeah, this was happening only in Prod for us as well.

I opened a support case as @colin_mckibben suggested, and it has been picked up for triage (still waiting to engage with an engineer for troubleshooting).

I reproduced this issue with other sources that weren’t ever touched since their deployment months ago, so definitively not something related to the configuration of a particular source, and now that you confirm this is happening to you too, it looks an issue not specific to our tenant either, but a generalized issue that reproduces itself randomly.

FYI @bsudhalahari, I got my case resolved with the following message:

We’ve identified and mitigated the issue with accessing the configuration pages for sources. If you find you still cannot access your source’s configuration page, please let us know. In the meantime, we’ll consider this issue resolved unless we hear back from you. Our sincere apologies for any disruption that may have transpired.

I navigated to several source configurations and I’m not able to reproduce this issue anymore, but if you’re still facing problems, I would suggest to open a case with support as they’re aware of these errors and they know how to mitigate them.



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