DocuSign permission_profile deprovisioning issue

Hi All,

We are using DocuSign OOTB connector to aggregate groups and permission_profile.

Account creation with permission_profile is working fine however revocation of it throwing connector error.


Can someone please help what needs to be done.

@dinesh_mishra, @colin_mckibben

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Hi @maheshtare

Did you check the supported features for DocuSign eSignature?

Hi @rajeshs,

yes, as per doc connector supports add & remove entitlement and we have marked permission_profile as entitlement.

Removal of groups is working fine but removal of permission_profile is failing

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@maheshtare How are you trying to remove the permission_profile?

Can you set permissionProfileId as entitlement ? It will be good if you can share the source configuration details to troubleshoot the issue

Hi @rajeshs,

We are removing the permission_profile via certification.

In addition to this, there is a connector configuration which enables " permissionProfileId" as entitlement. This is what we have followed.

Hi @maheshtare,

Permission profile cannot be removed via the API (operation is PUT but somehow it is behaving as PATCH). Looks like an expected behaviour or limitation in the DocuSign API.

We will modify our documentation and mention that add/remove entitlement is only for groups and add/update is supported for permission profile (without remove entitlement).


Hi @dinesh_mishra,

Thanks for the confirmation. Can we expect feature to remove permission_profile in near future?

Hi @maheshtare, as I mentioned in my earlier comment, this is a limitation from DocuSign side itself and not from connector. Once DocuSign’s API start supporting this scenario, connector will support that automatically. You can also provide a feedback to DocuSign team from your side as well. Thanks!

Hi Dinesh,

Thanks for the help. Will raise with DocuSign team as well

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