Detecting Nested Roles on Identities

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

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We have a couple IT roles that are nested under other IT roles, that are inherited by the top role. For example:
IT Role" Claims Representative" houses “Claims Base” underneath it. When an identity gets “Claims Representative”, they also get “Claims Base”.
With this, when I do an Advanced Analytics search for those who have "Claims Base’ it is 0. But on the identity, I can see the Claims Base is nested under the Claims Rep role and there is no Red X.
Does anyone know how to get these identities to populate in an Advanced Analytics search?

Hi Alyson,
Unfortunately it works in a slightly different way in IIQ. When you execute Identity Refresh with this checkbox selected

IIQ will check if entitlements (managedAttributes) assigned to the identity matches any it role. If yes - this role will be shown on the list of Detected Roles regardless of its hierarchy.

That means that if your parent IT roles does not have entitlements they won’t be shown on Detected Roles list. The only solution is to add common entitlements to the parent IT role and than younwill also see them detected.

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