De-assign IIQ Role


How can we de-assign the IIQ role that was created to manage access to IIQ(Say for ex:IIQ System administrator)?


Hi @keerthi_p ,

Can you provide a little more detail on what you are trying to accomplish and your current setup?

Generally permissions that define what a user can do in IdentityIQ are defined by a Capability that is added to the user. These ‘Capability’ objects are made up of more granular ‘SPRights’. Typically you’d remove the capability from a user by viewing their IdentityIQ cube and deselecting the capability that is assigned. If they have the capability via assignment to a particular workgroup, you’d need to remove them from that workgroup, or adjust the workgroup capabilities.

You did mention IIQ Roles specifically though, so I’d like to understand a little bit more about your scenario.

Please help me, how can I remove spright from capability ?
For Ex if a capability have 10 sprights and if we need to remive one or two spright from that capability, How can we do that ?

We’re going a bit off-topic here and I’ll be resurrecting an old thread, but:
debug > Capability objects > navigate to the appropriate capability…

You should see an inventory of all SPRights bundled within the capability in .xml format, which is rather transparent to edit.