Custom connector path issue

For custom connector, if we need to add third-party external jar then as per documentation, we can add below way to add entry in Application xml .

\lib-connectors\ GVOL</String>

we followed the instruction but its not picking custom jar references but when i put the same jar in web-inf lib folder then its working perfectly.
any idea what i am doing wrong ?

How are you deploying your custom connector? Raw class files or a .jar file? I’ve run into similar issues in the past. I would try deploying class files to classes-connectors as opposed to /classes or compile the connector classes into a JAR and deploy the JAR in the same folder where you dependencies are (/lib-connectors/GVOL). The issue is that there are separate class loaders for connectors vs other core IIQ functionality, so if your connector class is not in the right place, it cannot load your dependencies.

Topic where I asked about this before: Custom Connector, Connector Classpath, and SSB

It’s been a while since I did a custom connector like that, but I seem to recall that I had to include the WEB-INF in the path string to get the custom JARs properly referenced and loaded. I also prefer to use / instead of \ in paths as \ often gets interpreted as an escape character instead of as a literal character, which could cause the system to reference a non-existent location.

I’m not sure which of these will be the one that actually works (if any, don’t have a good way to test at present), but I believe one of them will and there should be no harm in having them all defined and giving it a try:

<entry key="connector-classpath">