Creating a worker through Identitynow in Oracle HCM


I have a use case where I need to create a worker in Oracle HCM. I tried testing this use case through the out of the box connectors and it is not supported, it only supports account creation. I set up a web service connector specifically to create workers however when I pass the create operation request it only creates the account internally in the identitynow connector configured and not in the end point. Is the worker creation supported? Has anyone done a similar set up? I’ve been struggling for weeks.

I believe you’ll have to solve this with a webservices connector.

From an architecture point of view I have big question marks for why you would want to create workers from ISC into HCM? Normally, you would treat HCM as the authoritative source, not as a target for workers?

Our workers are managed through Workday and is set up as our authoritative source. We have a shared license with Oracle HCM and need to create workers there to support certain business processes/transactions as well as provision accounts. Since we have the worker information coming from workday there’s no need to enter the data manually when setting up the worker in HCM. Once a worker is created the account is automatically provision to the application. I have set up a web servive connector and configure the account aggregation operation, create account operation, define provisioning policy and attribute mapping. My issue is when I send a request it gets processed in IDN only. And I can see the account created in the web service connector I configured but not in the target system.

Ok, that’s clear then, you want to use ISC as the provisioning engine to keep Workday and HCM in sync?

And you’ve already setup the create account operation + the create provisioning policy, can you share the setup?

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