Correlate on Normal Aggregation?

Hello All,

Need a bit of an expectation check for the following scenario.

Say we have an existing uncorrelated account on a target source. At some point a new identity gets created from an authoritative source that matches the correlation criteria for the previously mentioned uncorrelated account. Would we expect IdentityNow to automatically correlate the target source account to the new identity profile during a normal full aggregation?

This scenario is currently occurring for me, and the target accounts remain uncorrelated after a full aggregation. The only way we can correlate them is if we run an unoptimized aggregation. Even though the correlation configurations have not changed, a normal full aggregation does not correlate the account.

The correlation for an existing target account is only calculated again if a value on the account has changed. In this scenario you would need to be running the unoptimized aggregation in order for all the accounts to be processed for the new authoritative source account.


Thank you!

I suspected that may be the case.

Sorry, found the answer to my own question :smiley:
Used {{apiUrl}}/cc/api/source/loadAccounts/{id} to execute unoptimized aggregation.