Consolidated history viewer and attribute-level change tracking for IIQ

Are you one of the several hundred people who voted for IIQ-I-182? Do you have trouble figuring out why something changed in IIQ, what attributes changed from A to B, and how that resulted in provisioning actions? Did that role go away because of a certification? Do you want to allow your analysts to view this sort of history without having to grant “view everything” access?

IdentityWorks’ History Plugin may be for you! A task scans every few minutes for attribute changes on both Identities and Links. Then, the plugin presents the changes in a custom UI that consolidates all sorts of history about an Identity into a single searchable view. Everything is stored as OOTB audit events, so your IIQ reports and data warehousing tools can give historical data to the right people, too.

See here for screenshots and details: IDW Sailpoint IIQ History Plugin | Identity Works LLC