Configuring approval level form workflow in IdentityNow

Hi Sailors,

We have a use case to create a custom form and tag it to workflow. Once workflow trigger the form should go to 1st level of approval till 5 level of approval. How can we configure the approvals in workflow?

Can anyone please provide their thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Prashant,
Thank you for your post. I dont think this is currently possible using forms for approval in IdentityNow

Rakesh Bhati

Thanks Rakesh for your response!

Can’t we achieve this in any way in identityNow? If so could you please provide your suggestions.

Thanks and regards,
Prashant Mishra

Hi Prashant,
Can you check the below post? I think this should be helpful

Thanks Rakesh for sharing the content.

sure, let me check it.


Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for providing the article link. It helped me alot to understand how can we customize the different level of approval form in identityNow.

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