Community Update: Transform Docs Now in the Developer Community

Documentation on building transforms in IdentityNow have been moved to the developer portal documentation section. The old location for transforms in Compass will remain for now, but will eventually be deprecated.


Looks like some links about transforms in Using Transforms, Rules, and Generators - SailPoint Identity Services need to be updated to point to the Developer site instead of the Compass/wiki site.

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Thanks for pointing that out. We’re on it!

Lookup transform information is missing in the developer portal.


Hi Carlatto, I see it here: Lookup | SailPoint Developer Community

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Looks like Lookup is missing from the operations list, but you can access it from the link @brennenscott provided. We’re going to fix it so it appears in the operations list.

I added the Lookup transform to the operations list, it should appear there shortly. Thanks for catching this @Carlatto!

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