Cancel pending access requests

Hello team,

Trying to figure out how to cancel pending access requests. I see a couple of older threads but no solution:

/beta/access-request-status: returns everything about every request but it’s not clear which exact element has the current/actual PENDING req. that can then be used to cancel

/beta/access-request-approvals/pending: Ironically this does not have the correct “accountActivityId” (assuming that’s what’s needed to cancel). Tried using the “id” at the end of the request but get an error on the cancel

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m spinning wheels playing with the 2 API’s above :slight_smile:

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Just following up to see if there are anyone has any ideas. Wondering if there’s a bug in the APIs?

Same here, using the “id” from the pending access requests results in 400, but using it on the

POST /beta/access-request-approvals/“id”/reject rejects that access request, arguably rejecting is not the same as cancelling, so I would also like to know if there’s another way to actually cancel the pending Access request

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I’m having this issue with cancelling a request that has passed approval phase and is in fulfillment. Since there is not cancel button on the UI for the task and the source owner does not want to mark complete, how do I cancel this request? The request has cancelable: false, how can I update that? maybe that is stopping the cancel from working.

Can you please share any solution that worked for you?

Once an access request is approved, it moves on to the fulfillment stage. You cannot cancel a request that has been approved. If this is a manually fulfilled access item (i.e. IdentityNow doesn’t automatically provision the access, an admin has to manually provision the access), then the only course of action I see is to complete the request, without actually provisioning the access, and leave a comment, if possible, that the request was not fulfilled as it was made in error.

Rather than cancel a pending access request, you could reject it and leave a comment as to why.

I’m not able to find the approval ID of the request that is in fulfillment which is what I have to provide to reject. I tried getting it from beta/access-request-approvals or beta//work-items. Can you please point me to the right API?

Hello, Can this be done automatically after a determinate number of days that the request is Pending?

For example, I make a Request and it is in Pending status, awaiting my manager approval, but after 3 days in that status the request is cancelled or deleted automatically.