Can the Virtual Appliances be configured to do pass through authentication

Anybody know if it is supported or if it is configurable to do passthrough authentication, PAM based authentication with a solution such as Delinia to authenticate into the VA? This way users don’t need to know the sailpoint user’s password?

I’m affraid not - at least there’s not a single word in the docummentation about it. The only thing you are able to do is to reset password to the sailpoint user.

What I may suggest would be to use some kind of password vauld solution to tunel SSH session to VA with sailpoint credentials if needed. I believe Safeguard supports something like that.

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I think this is a “Linux” question. What I mean is the question would be …
Is it possible to login to a Linux VM using PTA

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The customer does this regularly with other Linux systems, but with flat car not being a common distro that I am aware of and with it being contained based system updated by SailPoint, it is one thing to try to hack it to work, but not sure where supportability would start and end.

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Main issue with any authentication changes to the linux is that you have to make them from root level.

That means as Sailpoint does not officialy allow root access to VA any changes won’t be supported. And theres no official path how to do that without this access.