Can I allow an entitlement to be requested many times?

Hi! I request some entitlement in request center, when finished I get the “Success! 1 new request sent”. First request workf fine. Following requests show the same Success message, but I receive this email saying that request failed:


Anyone knows some option to allow the same item to be requestes more than one time? When provisioning, the entitlement ID is combined with the area the user is actually belongs (the user can have the same entitlement for several areas).

I am using a JDBC connector, but question should be extensible to other connectors too.

Request center is an asynchronous process, which means requests are sent to a queue to be processed later. That is why you see the “Success! 1 new request sent” every time you request access. That just means the request was successfully sent to the queue. If the user already has the access item, then the request service will send the failure notification once it is processed from the queue.

If the entitlement can be requested for multiple areas, would it make sense to create a new entitlement for each area? For example, if your company has an entitlement called “Badge access” that grants access to one of it’s buildings, would it make more sense to create multiple “Badge access” entitlements for each location? (ex. “Badge access Spain”, “Badge access France”, etc.)?

Hi @colin_mckibben, thanks for responding! Answering your question, this case is a custom application with an oracle backend. They have a parametric table for these areas, and other for profiles, and client “want” to grant these access as they actually do in their tool, that is, they select some user, then select the area, and just at this moment is where a profile list window appears. After selecting, there is a table in database where each row is like id_user, id_area, id_profile, so the 3 selected vaues are inserted.

As a workaround, I worked in 2 versions that works. The first one is to concatenate area and profile (id_area + ‘#’ + id_profile). Later in jdbc rule, I separate these values and do the insert.

The other version, is to have one source for each area. So, they can select the source as they do for areas on their application, and later select the entitlement, that is only the profile one. For making it generic, I put the name of the source as “app - areaX”, and in jdbc rule I first make a select of areas table, using the source name to retrieve area id:

Both solutions are not the best for them, that are used to their application’s UI, but I can not see other way.

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