Campaign Exclusion Report Throwing Error and Not Downloadable

Has anyone had issues downloading the Campaign Exclusion Report? I have been getting errors thrown when attempting to download it from a campaign in the tenant. The error I am getting is “Illegal value ‘undefined’ for field ‘type’.”

At first I thought this error has to do with the Criteria Type not being set to Entitlement in a filter applied in a campaign, but that wasn’t the case. I double checked in the campaign composition report and the filter was correctly applied.

The next place I checked was via the API to see if the exclusion report was enabled, and it was. I decided to then check what is the request being called when attempting to download the report via the developer tools in my browser and the value is coming as undefined. This has to be the issue, but cant seem to see why the value is undefined.

My only guess is that when I run the GET campaign reports for the campaign I was testing, the results returned doesnt include the exclusion report, but I dont see why since it has been enabled to generate. I have attached screenshots below, really would appreciate any thoughts if you have seen this before and have a potential fix.