Before script FAIL

Hello everyone

I am trying to update the sAMAccountName attribute of AD with a before powershell script.
Everything works fine, but for some reason the provisioning plan is not being updated and the attribute is not changing its value.
Running the same code directly from the rule without calling the script works correctly.
Any idea what’s going on?


@gsierra : Can you let me know how are you adding sAMAccountName name to before rule?

You can use services standard before provisioning rule from IdentityNow Mock project to add attributes in provisioning plan during before provisioning rule either in arguments (to later fetch in connectorbeforerule or add as a attribute sAMAccountName directly when needed.


I am following the steps mentioned in the article:

The part of the code that updates the attribute is:

Loop through the attributes from the request

foreach ($attribute in $requestObject.AttributeRequests){
if($attribute.Name -eq “description”){
$attribute.value = “my description”; #change value of the attribute

It doesn’t throw any errors, but it doesn’t update the attribute.

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