Azure User Filter in Filter Settings


I’m having trouble aggregatin only accounts that have an email ending with “” (Example)

The filter I’m using is:

dirSyncEnabled eq true and userType eq ‘member’ and accountEnabled eq true and mail endWith ‘

Any idea how to do it?


Make sure you have enabled the AdvancedAccountFilter and also removed manager from the account schema Aggregation Settings

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Hello Ryan… Tks for response…

I removed manager, but received error again…

Exception occurred in Iterate Objects. Error message - sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Exception occurred in processReadRequest. Error - Response Code - 400 Error - 400 Property ‘supportsAdvancedAccountFilter’ does not exist as a declared property or extension property

My filter is:
dirSyncEnabled eq true and userType eq ‘member’ and accountEnabled eq true and supportsAdvancedAccountFilter eq true

Any Idea?

I don’t think you’re supposed to set the supportsAdvancedAccountFilter attribute in the filter. The docs say to add it in the source config, which is admittedly confusing.

If the filter (either **Group Filter** or **User Filter**) uses any advanced query filter (per the [Microsoft documentation](, then add the following attribute in the source config:

I don’t have experience with the Azure connector, but I think what you need to do is invoke the get sources API to get the details of your Azure source. There should be a section in the response json called connectorAttributes that contain key/value pairs for all the ways you can configure your connector. You should see a key/value for supportsAdvancedAccountFilter that is set to false. Use the partial update source API to change that attribute to true. For example:

PATCH /v3/sources/{sourceId}


        "op": "replace",
        "path": "/connectorAttributes/supportsAdvancedAccountFilter",
        "value": "true"
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Tks Colin!! Best regards