Authorization-code-grant-flow broken in sandbox only

Hello everyone,

Am I the only one to encounter a problem in the authentication kinematics via authorization code since the beginning of the week on the Sandbox environment?

No problem with production, which correctly transfers https://{tenant} to https://{tenant} (http 302)

If I go directly to https://{tenant-sb} in sandbox, it also works,

Did I miss an evolution on these urls?

Have a nice day,

Doc about this topic is unclear :sob: : Authentication | SailPoint Developer Community

I recently fixed the authentication docs. You should no longer use https://{tenant} as your auth URL. You should use https://{tenant} I will ask the engineering team if they are doing some deprecation work.

This is a confirmed bug reported by other customers. Ticket number is PLTUI-7841. A fix will be coming out soon.

We also faced a similar issue couple of days back. But that was resolved in sometime.

Thank for your replies, it’s seems like to be fix this morning :thinking::face_with_monocle:

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