Assignment Rule Not Adding Identities to Role

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Version 8.4

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HI All

I am trying to add identities to a business role. I have created an assignment rule which appears to be returning the right value but the identities never get assigned to a role after a refresh. The IdentitySelector Role is attached to the business role. I am hoping to get some help to determine what I am missing on this one.

On the refresh I have process events, refresh assigned detected roles, refresh role metadata, refresh id attribs, refresh identity entitlements and a few other things

Here is a code snippet from the assignment rule

boolean eadAccExists = (eadLink != null);
boolean myappApprovedDN = false;

if (eadAccExists) {

          if (eadLink.getAttribute("distinguishedName") != null) {

              String dn = eadLink.getAttribute("distinguishedName");
              String lowerCaseDN = dn.trim().toLowerCase();
              myappApprovedDN  = (lowerCaseDN.contains("ou=users,ou=abc") ||
              lowerCaseDN.contains("ou=nadc,ou=xyz") ||
               lowerCaseDN.contains("ou=users,ou=superduper") ||
	  lowerCaseDN.contains("ou=users,ou=mycity") ||
	  lowerCaseDN.contains("ou=provision,ou=users,ou=yellow") );


boolean result = myappApprovedDN;
log.error("xxx returning result: " + result); // prints out xxx returning result: true
return result;


In the Roles → Role Selected → Role Information do you have the Assignment Rule configured using this Rule?


The rule is selected on the role in the assignment rule

I don’t know in detail about your Rule configuration. You should have this kind of Signature.

  <Signature returnType="boolean">
      <Argument type="identity">
          The identity.
      <Argument type="roleName">
              The name of the sailpoint.object.Bundle (role) that is being
              selected for the Identity.
              If roles are not applicable to this Identity selection, this value
              will be void.
      <Argument type="success">
         True if the selection was successful; false otherwise.

I had the return name wrong. I have updated it to match but the role still does not get attached.

Updated code

boolean success = ApprovedDN || AccExists;
log.error("xxx returning success: " + success); // prints out xxx returning success: true
return success;

The rule has this.

The log object associated with the SailPointContext. A sailpoint.api.SailPointContext object that can be used to query the database if necessary. The identity. True if identity meets criteria; false otherwise.

Seems the fault is not in the Rule. Try this Refresh configuration:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE TaskDefinition PUBLIC "sailpoint.dtd" "sailpoint.dtd">
<TaskDefinition name="Provision" resultAction="Rename" subType="task_item_type_identity" type="Identity">
      <entry key="TaskDefinition.runLengthAverage" value="93"/>
      <entry key="TaskDefinition.runLengthTotal" value="49698"/>
      <entry key="TaskDefinition.runs" value="533"/>
      <entry key="" value=""/>
      <entry key="checkHistory" value="false"/>
      <entry key="checkPolicies" value="false"/>
      <entry key="correlateEntitlements" value="true"/>
      <entry key="correlateScope" value="true"/>
      <entry key="deleteDormantGroups" value="true"/>
      <entry key="disableManagerLookup" value="false"/>
      <entry key="doManualActions" value="false"/>
      <entry key="enableManualAccountSelection" value="false"/>
      <entry key="enablePartitioning" value="false"/>
      <entry key="excludeInactive" value="false"/>
      <entry key="filter" value=""/>
      <entry key="filterNeedsRefresh" value="false"/>
      <entry key="forceWorkflow" value="true"/>
      <entry key="includeWindowModified" value="false"/>
      <entry key="keepInactiveViolations" value="false"/>
      <entry key="markDormantScopes" value="false"/>
      <entry key="noAutoCreateScopes" value="false"/>
      <entry key="noMaintenanceWindowRetry" value="false"/>
      <entry key="noResetNeedsRefresh" value="false"/>
      <entry key="noRoleDeprovisioning" value="false"/>
      <entry key="processTriggers" value="false"/>
      <entry key="promoteAttributes" value="true"/>
      <entry key="promoteManagedAttributes" value="true"/>
      <entry key="provision" value="true"/>
      <entry key="refreshCompositeApplications" value="true"/>
      <entry key="refreshGroups" value="false"/>
      <entry key="refreshIdentityEntitlements" value="true"/>
      <entry key="refreshManagerStatus" value="true"/>
      <entry key="refreshRoleMetadata" value="true"/>
      <entry key="refreshScorecard" value="true"/>
      <entry key="refreshThreads" value="12"/>
      <entry key="synchronizeAttributes" value="false"/>
      <entry key="taskCompletionEmailNotify" value="Disabled"/>
      <entry key="taskCompletionEmailRecipients"/>
      <entry key="taskCompletionEmailTemplate"/>
  <Description>Perform a provision of select identities.</Description>
    <Reference class="sailpoint.object.TaskDefinition" id="" name="Identity Refresh"/>

Most important do you have “Provision assignments” selected in your refresh task options?

Thanks Luis

This is working now.

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