Assigning Identity Profile Based on a User's Attribute

I have FTEs and contractors in the same authoritative source. How do I create identity profiles assigned to each user population? i.e. how do I assign a contractor identity profile to contractors and a FTE identity profile to FTEs using the same Authoritative source?

My initial thoughts:
Step 1: Create a source connector for the authoritative source( HRIS)
Step 2: Create identity profile named FTE-Profile and use transform to ensure only FTEs are assigned to this profile (this is the part I’m needing some understanding of the functionality of the product to see if a transform can be used for this use case)
step 3: Create a source connector for the same authoritative source from step 1
step 4: Create identity profile named “Contractor-Profile” and use transform to ensure only contractors are assigned to this profile

Please advice

Hi @adebomol,

This is an interesting use case I haven’t heard of yet. Help me understand the desire to have a separate identity profile for employees and contractors in your authoritative source. An identity profile is meant to map account attributes from an authoritative source into an identity model, thus allowing IDN to create identities. I’m not sure of the benefit of having a separate identity profile for two account types within a source. Do these two account types have significant differences in attributes?

Yes! The qccount rypes have sognificant differences in attributes. Wime attributes are available for FTEs that are not available for contractors and vice versa

Identity attributes are available on all identities. They obviously may have null values for some identities, but they will be available for all of them.

If you really want to create two identity profiles and you’re using a connector that allows you to set filters, you can create two (or more) separate Sources from the same data. Just set the filter(s) on each Source to ensure that each one aggregates only the user population you’re looking for.

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