Duplicate Identities


We have a scenario like contractor moving into employee. for this we have 2 workday accounts - one for contractor (C0001)-> existing account, one for employee (0020)-> recently created account. So obviously we now see 2 identities : contractor and employee both having different worker number in corresponding : C0001, 0020.

Now, we are looking to correlate the employee account (0020) with already existing identity. So that we will see only one identity for that user.

I have changed the correlation for workday and now both the accounts gets correlated to same identity. But the problem is identity cube still holds the account name as contractor ID (C0001). But i expect that to get replaced with employee ID (0020).

Also my question is, Currently the Identity attribute is holding the contractor data. When contactor account goes inactive and employee account becomes active, will the Identity attributes gets mapped with the latest employee data ?