Append Access profile to App rather than replace

Good morning SailPoint Developer Community!

I understand there is currently not a beta/v3 equivalent API for interacting with apps and that we need to use /cc. I also understand the caution that the /cc APIs are not supported and can change at any time without notice.

My goal is to update an application via the /cc API to append an access profile id rather than replace the access profile ids that are already there. When making the call in the screenshot it will replace any existing access profile Ids. As a workaround I can first make an api call to retrieve the existing access profile ids associated with an app and then add the new access profile ids to that but I’d like to know if there is an alternative for appending. Thank you.

I tried using the same call as shown in the screenshot and changing to PATCH but it did not work. I also downloaded the /cc and /v2 postman collections (Official: IdentityNow Postman Workspace) but there’s not any calls around adding access profiles to apps.

Hi Zeke,

Your approach of getting the full list of access profiles on the app and then appending the new AP to the end of that list is correct. I don’t think /cc has any endpoint like our V3 PATCH that can insert a single item. It’s all or nothing.

Appreciate the quick response! Thanks.