API Deprecation Office Hours

Our bi-weekly API Deprecation Office Hours are a great place to get help from the SailPoint Developer Relations team with migrating from CC, V1, or V2 APIs to our V3 APIs equivalents. If you have any questions about these APIs (e.g. object mappings, data types), how to change your API calls our for our SDKs, or anything else related to our API deprecations then this is the place for you to join and ask!

With the extended meeting time, I assumed someone would be available whenever I joined. It’s now 4:00 central and no one is present.

Our CSM provided a list of APIs that are being deprecated which are in use in our tenant. We don’t know what is using most of them. We were hoping to get some insight to help discover how to locate a caller for these APIs.

Of particular interest…
/api/client/request Creden…

Good afternoon. If the meeting today has ended early, would it be possible to have another meeting in near future for this API discussion? If that is an option, please include Rob McCoy & myself with Unum. Thank you!

Hello @rmccoy-unum @Lisa_Simmons13,

We were on the call and had no one join for 45 minutes so we did decide to end early.

With that being said, we had a few customers bring up these particular endpoints. We started to dig deeper on the call and believe that these endpoints are being called by SailPoint either on the virtual appliance or another fashion that our reporting recognizes as an external call.

We will confirm this and post an announcement about these endpoints here in the Developer Community shortly.

For now, no action is needed on your part for these particular endpoints.

Our API Office Hours occur every two weeks. You can find the calendar of events here! Events - SailPoint Developer Community Forum

@tyler_mairose are these API sorted out? From our tenant we still see api/v2/org api getting called.