Announcing the SailPoint Python SDK!


We’ve added a fourth SDK to our repertoire at Developer Days 2024 with the addition of our Python SDK. The Python SDK allows you to use Python to interact with the SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud APIs. SailPoint’s Python SDK, like our PowerShell, Golang, and TypeScript SDKs is MIT licensed and available on the SailPoint open source GitHub.

See our Getting Started with SailPoint SDKs session from Developer Days 2024, which includes the announcement of the Python SDK:

Getting started with Python Using PyPI

You can also get started with the SailPoint Python SDK using the popular package manager, PyPI:

pip install sailpoint

For the full PyPI package installation instructions, see the documentation: SailPoint SDK PyPI documentation.

Getting started with Python Using GitHub

The source code is available on SailPoint’s open source GitHub repository if you prefer to build from source or source the project locally. Our Python SDK is generated from our OpenAPI specification using openapi-generator. As with all of our tools, the Python SDK and associated docs are open to contribution.


If you’re looking for detailed documentation on getting started and going deeper with the availability functionality of our Python SDK (or any of our SDKs), you can read the full documentation here:


I can’t tell you how happy this makes me

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I love that I got to yell at Tyler in this one. :rofl: But for real @zac_adams_iid! The inclusion of Python is a major game changer! So exciting!


I can’t tell you how happy it makes me at how happy it makes you!

But really, I’m a big Python person myself. I have the Zen of Python framed, because I’m such a fan!

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That was you yelling out in the background?!?! That was awesome!

Yeah, we were riding the bus to the office and he was telling me his idea to present and I said, “you should have someone yell, ‘what about Python!’ in the background”…

and then he made me do it. :rofl:

no good deed goes unpunished I guess! JK! :rofl: much love Tyler! <3 It was an AWESOME presentation!
I’m literally going through it right now to see if I can switch from using mostly Powershell to using Python instead. :smiley:


Absolutely adding that to my collage wall now

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Here we go!! The wait is over and here we have the Python SDK.

Awesome @tyler_mairose @jordan_violet


This is great can’t wait to start making use of this new SDK. One thing I did note that when using the CLI to install it that I needed to update the CLI to 2.1.4 on windows in order for the python SDK to be in the options to install.

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Hey, what about Python?

Loved that. It was like you had a guy from Jersey there.


Thank you for that! This is for what I wait :slight_smile: