Announcing SailPoint’s First Conference Just for Developers: Developer Days! Coming March 7th-9th, 2023!

We’re excited to announce SailPoint’s first annual conference focused on development and extensibility on our platforms. Developer Days will be a hands-on, technical conference and virtually every session will be focused on building something tangible. Developer Days will be virtual, and free to sign up and attend!
Register for Developer Days at to be the first to learn more.

Note: The conference is virtual, and will take place in the US Central (GMT-6) time zone.

Is there anything you’d like to see at a hands-on, virtual conference for developers? Let us know here!


Equal focus on both IIQ and IDN. Always seems like there is more focus on IDN.


Good point @mer21 , and I’ve seen that in the past too, even in the Developer Day we added to Navigate last year. I’m going to add that to the list and ensure we’re cognizant of it as we build.

Thanks for the good reminder!

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A conversation about testing best practices could be useful for my team. Not just unit testing with the SST, but complete end-to-end lifecycle testing (Joiners/Movers/Leavers, etc.). How do other companies do this testing, what tools do they use, what techniques do they leverage, etc. Are there tricks/tips/secrets you’ve discovered that you can share? Gotchas or anti-patterns to be avoided? This wouldn’t necessarily need to be a “teaching presentation” from Professional Services folks (though their input would be great), but could be an open conversation among the many development teams that have struggled with this.


I hope the sessions will be available after the conference as you chose dates when I will not be available.
I second the request for sessions focusing on identityiq.


Hey Robin,

All of the sessions will be recorded for later viewing!

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Would like to see an example construction of a web services connector from the ground up-and one that includes the use of custom rules as well. And one that includes all operations. The documentation for this connector is all over the place. Hoping you can bring some sanity to this.


Hands-on session about Exchange Online Management. Documentation can be rather unspecific at times.

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Yes! I would love to know more about this as well.

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Hey @jordan_violet
Would be great if you include the IdentityNow Workflow hands on excercises.

I was looking at the Developer Days agenda. When I filter on IdentityIQ I see no sessions for day 3. Is that correct?

Hey Robin,

That is correct. Given the submission volume that we received internally and externally, we did not receive enough submissions for a full three days of IdentityIQ content.

I do hope in future iterations we will receive more submissions from the community—maybe you’ll be a speaker for us next year after seeing this year’s sessions!