Aha! Connector Issues

We are currently in the process of integrating Aha! application with IdentityNow using the OOTB connector and observed a couple of issues as outlined below:

Issue 1:

The account created by IdentityNow defaults the ‘Identity Provider’ (sign-on method) value to ‘password,’ but our requirement is for it to default to ‘SSO.’ (we use the OOTB Create profile, which does not even have the ‘Identity provider’ attribute configured though).

Issue 2:

The ‘first_name’ and ‘last_name’ values do not appear in IdentityNow despite being populated in the target system (Aha) for both the existing accounts and the accounts created by IdentityNow.

Has anyone encountered the above issues and found any resolutions ?


We ran into a lot of issues with the OOTB Aha connector when we tried using it last year. We ended up creating a WebServices connection.

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