Issues with Atlassian Connector

After working normally for a few months our Atlassian connector has started inviting people only at the directory level instead of the site/product level.

Not sure if anyone’s run into anything similar or is experiencing the same. It seems to have started around the time they announced the new customer roles for JSM.

Hey Joseph!

Thanks for posting.

As this was previously functional, and now is not, this is a great example of the kind of thing IdentityNow cloud support can assist you with further.

I will say though that issues can arise when the connector OR the source changes and this could be an issues on the Atlassian side as well.

I would suggest reaching out to support and working with them to dig into the issue, if you have any questions or issues doing that please let me know.

Hey Luke,

Funny you should mention that, support referred me here after I expressed it was not a new setup.

I saw that Atlassian was making some changes to how customers were added so I was hoping to run into someone else with the same problem. Was thinking maybe the OOB connector needed to be updated in line with the updated endpoints.

Understood Joseph,

typically support assists with issues that are outside of the implementation stage and could be a bug, but this could be a more complex issue.

As far as other people with similar issues this would likely be the best place to find them, I’ll leave it for other folks to chime in with their experience.

Thank you for the clarifying information, if I can provide any assistance please let me know.