Aggregate GCP Roles Using IDN G Suite Source

Hi everyone,

We are implementing the G Suite Source and almost everything works fine, except for the aggregation of the IAM Roles of GCP. We can see that some of them exist in Google by default, but when we run either the automatic or manual aggregation task, we get 0 roles read.

Is this a functionality available only if Cloud Access Management is enabled?

We are using Client Credentials, we already reviewed logs and permissions but no error is displayed and accounts and G Workspace roles as well as groups are aggregated without any issue.

Do you have any clue of what could be the issue?

Best regards,

IamRole and iamResourcePermission will only be aggregated if “Manage Cloud Resources” has been turned on in Configuration Settings.

I double checked this in my tenant. When the setting was turned off, Entitlement Aggration returned no results for those types, but worked fine when it was turned on.

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