Aggreg -Using File Upload Util- from Delimited File Source Is Missing Records for Identity Creation

I am finding that some user records from our delimited file source of authority are being missed from daily aggregations using the file upload utility. UserA was missed from the 03/21 feed from our HR source. UserB came in on the same feed and got created in IDN. All required attributes are available for the problem user. An import using the UI of the exact file creates the identity in IDN.

Any thoughts why this would happen?

Hi @adebomol2024,

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Could you please confirm if your UserA is the first identity and UserB is the second identity in your csv file?
If yes, check your source configuration and see if you have any values set on “number of lines to skip”.
For more details, check these 2 links:

Hope this helps!

Please check if the user identity is getting correlated to some other user .check the correlation

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