Advanced Certification - safe delete of certifiaction

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Version 8.3

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I created a certification in a productive environment by mistake.
I would like to know how I could delete the certification so that it does not leave any garbage behind in the system and also so that it does not affect the identities that have been selected for certification.
Is it safe to remove an certification object directly from debug?
Is there a better, safer and more efficient way to remove certification and related information?


I believe it would be safer to archive it then to delete it but if you really need to delete it I would suggest to use iiq console as it will also handle all dependencies.

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Archive and then delete through iiq console as mentioned by @kamil_jankowski . if you want to delete via debug or rule then you need to consider the Certification ,CertificationDefinition and CertificationGroup objects to delete became these are three objects associated for certification

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Hi, I created a certification that I don’t need at all, I don’t want to make any decisions or sign this certification. In this case, can’t it be archived and should I use delete directly via iiq console?

Hi @abartkowski,
In the certification configuration have you given certain days for access review and after that it will expire. In my client environment we have set of no action is taken after certain days we are removing all roles for the user.

Check if you have such conditions present if not better to delete the certification related objects for this certification.

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