Adding ad groups from ticketing tool

Hi All,

Is there any approach which we can take for the below use case:

End user creates a ticket in ticketing tool to get access to Active Directory groups and SailPoint automatically add the ad group in AD


Hi @schattopadhy,

You can let the ticketing tool call the IDN API’s for create access request when the ticket is submitted/approved.

Request can be made for either an entitlement (which would be sticky) or for an access profile. That way, you will have the audit records in IDN.

The catch here is that there are no API’s currently to get the status of an access request.

Hey there Shantanu,

What kind of ITSM integration are you using?

The only logical solution that I can think of right now is to configure a workflow with the external trigger that the ticketing service can call. Then you could add the access automatically via the workflow.

I guess the best solution, however, is to on-board the ability to request as much as possible directly via IdentityNow. How come you need ITSM for AD groups?

@Swegmann we use cherwell as for end users they want access to groups and the front end portal is ticketing solution not sailpoint