AD account creation from INow

Hi experts,

I’m trying to create the AD accounts from INow, But I’m not sure about steps to follow, could someone please help me with steps or article to follow to progress this task.

To create AD accounts from IdentityNow you’ll need to create a role. The role should have associated with it at least one access profile containing at least one AD group (use Domain Users if you just want to create an “empty” AD account with no additional groups). Provision this role to your user(s) and an AD account will be created automatically for any users that do not already have an AD account correlated to their identity.

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried this process, I have granted the identity with ER (that contains AD entitlement). Also the AD source provisioning page is set up only with the attributes (DN, sAMAccountName, Display name). But still it is throwing me the error message (attached) howerver the error message is not giving enough details to check on which transform the problem is with.


Do the attributes you are creating in AD exist in the cube of a user? If they do make sure they are mapped correctly

Check the provisioning policy. My guess is that there is a transform on one of the fields there that is causing the issue.

Thankyou @krigney @briane_bullock

The problem is with the transforms and i have rectified the error.