Account Correlation

Hi All,

  1. Having Disconnected Delimited File Source Connection, after importing the File into IDN. I want to do the Correlation.

Criteria I had given:
Identity Attribute Operations Account Attribute
Display Name Equals Users Name
Ritu Raj Equals Ritu Raj

  1. From other Authoritative Sources the Identity is present in INOW, but still the co-relation is not happening.

Note: The value for both attributes looks the same.

Please suggest to me what will be the reason for that?

Kind Regards,
Ritu Raj Akhauri

Check to make sure there are no errant spaces in either of the string values you’re comparing. Also, make sure that there is only one identity with that value for that attribute. If IDN finds more than one identity matching the search results (displayName = Ritu Raj, in this case) then correlation will fail.

Lastly, displayName is not a great attribute to rely on for correlation. If possible, I’d suggest using something like an employee number or ID or an email address, etc. Display names are not necessarily unique and aren’t as strictly typed as other attributes like employee numbers/IDs or email addresses.