Access Profiles in CSV-connector only showing up as entitlements on Identities

Hi Team.

We are using a Delimited File Connector for Manual Provisioning of a system. Connected to the CSV-source we have an application with requestable access-profiles.

After a user requests access to an access profile within the application and the entilement has been aggregated via import of an updated CSV-file in the source, only the actual Entitlement shows up under the account in IdentityNow. The access-profile is not provisioned.

This is annoying because we need to have the access within the CSV-source application to be requestable for removal (under My Team, My access etc), just as they are requestable for approval. This only works for access-profiles at this time.

Why isn’t the access profile containting the entitlement connected to a CSV-source showing up on the user account after aggregation, but only the stand-alone entitlement itself?

All help is much appreciated, thank you.


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