Access Profile V3 API

Hello everyone,

I create an Access Profile using v3 API using the below payload.
POST {{api-url}}/v3/access-profiles


i) The access profile gets created, and when I click on view and I get the message (don’t see any issue when I click on Edit)

ii) The governance group I used to create an access profile doesn’t appear in the UI. But it shows up when I look for the same access profile using an API
GET {{api-url}}/v3/access-profiles/idOfAccessProfile

Has anyone faced the above issues?


The only way I could reproduce your issue is if I supplied an incorrect governance group ID. That caused both the error message when viewing details and the missing governance group when editing the profile. If I supplied a valid governance group ID, then I had none of those issues.

Something you can try to make sure you have the correct governance group ID is create an access profile in the UI with the governance group specified, then get that access profile using the API. Use the ID that the API spit out when creating the new access profile via API.