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Could you please guide me in understanding to pass JSON expressions while we are trying to detect an account created for a user on a source?

I referred to Triggers - SailPoint Identity Services but trying to understand which one to choose (Provisioning completed or Source Triggers) and how to generate the JSON expression. Please help.

For example: create a trigger that detects a source account is created then trigger the workflow.

The provisioning completed trigger will only execute if IdentityNow provisioned the source account. If you want to be notified when a source account is created either by IDN or directly on the source, then you will want to use source account created. However, be advised that source account created is in early access and is subject to change.

So, the version we are using right now does not have listed the source account created. Could you please guide how would I proceed to use the existing trigger with a JSON expression as a reference?


Early access event triggers are not generally available. You must submit a support ticket to have them enabled in your tenant. Once enabled, you will see them in your Workflow library. Then you can use them like any other trigger in workflows.

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