Workflow loop inner steps

Not sure if this is already part of enhancement but wanted to highlight that we are not able to see input/output of steps which are inside loop.

@colin_mckibben the only thing we can see is loop input and output but that does not help in troubleshooting. Can you confirm if there is any enhancement open for this. As of now I can work around this by creating new workflow to test inner functionality.

Hi Chirag. We don’t this as a planned feature at this time, but we are interested to hear of any solutions you might have. I can think of a couple off the top of my head:

  • Display inputs/outputs for each iteration. This might be too much data, though.
  • Display inputs/outputs for the first iteration.
  • Only display inputs/outputs for the first failed iteration.
  • Provide a “test loop” feature where you can provide the input to the loop and run it in isolation.

I like the last option.
On top of the listed suggestions we can have concept of variable. User should be able to define variables and print in logs. As of now I am using Send email function to check the inner values which are being passed in loop. Variables are useful in other requirements also. But even for these you will have to print all steps(variable for all steps)

Another option is to provide concept of sub workflow. The sub-workflow would be already live so it’s logs would be printed for each execution. We just need to embed it inside loop for another workflow.

Example of workflow where variables are needed:
1.I want to have a workflow where it should send email after 3 consecutive aggregation failure on workday source.
2. We might need some mathematical calculation in some executions. Variables are helpful there also.

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I think you’ll be happy to hear that custom variables are coming soon!

I’ll relay your feedback on the test loop feature.