Workflow: error on removing access for a leaver using manage access

Hello everyone,

I’m using a workflow to remove access for a leaver. I have configured a workflow to trigger on cloudLifeCycleState change and remove access based on lifecyclestate change from active to inactive.
In the workflow i have the step “Get Access” where i chose access profile to remove, and the step “Manage Access” to remove this access profile using “Get Access”.
The workflow fails usually in the step manage access, and i don’t understand why?



Welcome to the developer community Hajar,

Please see this post. It might give you an insight or solution into why this error is happening. Remove access from workflow

I have the same issue. The topic you provide as solution is not actual. “Remove access request” was replaced by “manage access”. I have case with the same error for case when user has no role. when this happen It throw this error. But this was work for me 2-3 weeks ago. It stop work now.

I do not have any configuation like assigment. Role is assign by request. I must remove access all for user at some case. When the user have roles it work ok. In case he has no role it throw this error.