Wildcard (*) Characters in Assignment Logic

Is it possible to use a wildcard character in assignment logic? For example:

Attribute Values:
AM Regular
AM Temp
AM Seasonal

Is there a way that I can set up the assignment logic like
Attribute Equals AM*

So that it will catch all of those values?



Hi Michael,

You cannot use wildcard character in assignment logic. Also if your attribute is multi valued, then I would suggest you to use “Contains” instead of “Equals”.

You need to use multiple criteria connected by “AND” or “OR” conditions for catching all the values


I didn’t even think about using Contains. That could be the answer I need! Thanks!

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One more suggestion would be to use an identity attribute in your criteria, and use “starts with” operation

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Anagha, this is perfect. Thanks a bunch!

No problem. Feel free to mark my post as a solution