Webservices entitlements aggregation

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I have aggregate the users in webservices connector. All that API i have get/Users which also have the entitlements details as well as below.

“entitlements”: {

            "userManagementPerm": 2,

            "employeeServicesAccess": 2,

            "manageDisbursements": 0,

            "manageTradeClearance": 0,

            "tenB5DashBoardAccess": 0,

            "cashPlanDepositPermission": 0,

            "participantViewPermission": 0,

            "esppEnrollmentPerm": 0,

            "eeoAccessPermission": true,

            "dropBoxPermission": false,

            "communityAccess": true,

            "contentOnly": false,

            "manageIpAddresses": false,

            "ssnAccess": false


So response mapping I tried is Schema attribute and Attribute path as $.entitlements

Here the curly braces are also imported into sailpoint.

What mapping should I give to get only “userManagementPerm” as value in entitlements.

Did you try $.entitlements.userManagementPerm

Is “entitlements” the root of the response from your API?

Yes i did, but that gives the value as 0/1/2/3… which is present after the colon.

The getusers API giving the entitlement details also. The end system doesnot have separate API for entitlements.

Also i need to get other values within quotes present in below rows as well.

HI Nitesh,

I have set the root path as $.resources and attribute path as $.entitlements.userManagementPerm. But its importing the value after the colon such as 0/2/3/tru/false like this.

Sorry I think I misunderstood your requirement. You want to get the keys from json data. Not the values.

You may have to write an AfterOperation Rule to modify the responseBody

I second that. JSONpath expressions won’t return keys in an JSON object. You will need to write an after operation rule to retrieve the keys.

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