Webservice connector item already exists

Hello everyone!
We have onboarded web service connector-based application in Identitynow. Below is the API request and response for add user for the application.
email:"[email protected]",
I have added create account and add entitlement operations for the source. I am getting below error while trying to create account.
{"code":"40900","message":"Item already exists"}}
but account is creating on source and when I try to add another group to account it is successfully working. Any idea what I am missing here.

have you tried the same using POSTMAN to see if it works or not.

Should the keys not be strings? And the elements in roles array, like below:

"email":"[email protected]",

@PriyankaRaoraneAD ,

can you check if the “roles” field are not being added twice?
I mean you can have teh account Creation operation and them the entitlement Add operation, but if they “assign” the same entitlements this type of message can appear in API


@ipobeidi @sunnyajmera @iamnithesh Thank you for your responses. The behavior is expected, and I find the issue as well. As IdentityNow is trying to execute both create account and add entitlement operation it is giving error "item already exists’. Now I see the account is getting created but yes, the error persists. I think that is expected here.

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