Web Services Connector: Two Endpoints with 1-to-Many Data Relationship for Account Aggregation

Is it possible to use the Web Services connector to aggregate accounts where the data must be fetched from two endpoints and joined in a 1-to-many relationship?

For example, let’s say I have a system where the only way to determine all the accounts and the entitlements they have is as follows:

  1. Call endpoint #1 to get the list of all entitlements.
  2. For each entitlement in the list from #1, call endpoint #2 with the entitlement name as a parameter, which returns all the accounts having that entitlement.

Is it possible to use the Web Services to aggregate accounts in this way?

Hey Thad,
this is not possible and it makes sense in terms of WS source design or even standard connector design.
IdentityNow has concept of ResourceObject(RO) where it starts constructing RO for each record it gets from end source.

When you make first call to get list of entitlements(assuming it returns id and name of entitlements), connector creates RO with id,name in it and any chained call you make must add extra attributes in this same RO and not create RO in chained call and discard RO created in first call.

This is the reason your approach would not work.


I have the same question for IdentityIQ ( on-prem). We have an endpoint from which we have to collect all users using some group names