Web Services Connector Failing with Dubious Claim of "No configuration found for 'Group Aggregation'"

I’m trying to run an Entitlement Aggregation with the Web Services Connector, but it fails with the following:

> java.lang.RuntimeException: sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: No configuration found for ‘Group Aggregation’. Please add at least one operation and try again.

However, as can plainly be seen in the attached screenshot of the HTTP Operations configuration, there is indeed ‘Group Aggregation’ configured. So what could be the problem?

can you share source json with schemas also. That would help find more details.

Hi Chirag,
It turns out I probably don’t need the ‘Group Aggregation’ after all. I had hoped to make a copy of the role and make my changes on the copy so that I could leave this example in place for troubleshooting, but when I tried to create a copy of the role it would change the source from Web Services to Delimited file. So instead of manually creating another role and having to re-create so much of the same configuration, I have deleted the ‘Group Aggregation’ for now. So I should probably put this topic on hold or hide it for now but don’t know if there’s a way to do that.
All my best,